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All rights are reserved Ole Klintebæk for all pictures and other material unless otherwise stated.

Ask, it does not hurt

I have several times needed material for building non-commercial web sites. It could be pictures, drawings or snippets of text. Often the budget was tight on such projects. It is my experience that you are treated well, if you contact the copyright owners and ask nicely if you can use specific material. Often you can get it for free under very sensible conditions. The worse that can happen is that they politely tell you no.

Images on WWW is NOT free stuff

Material published on the internet is not owned by everyone and it is not always free. The fact that you can find images in Google by an image search does not mean you can take it and use it - except for very limited and stricly personal uses.

If you just grab this stuff and use it for public display you are no better than a shop lifter. If you grab it and sell it you are a direct criminal person.

There are search engines that can find such material from codes imbedded in the digital image, and there are lawyers that earn money by hunting it down.

Just don't do it.