Wet Waiting Group



About the Picture

It was a rainy day in Rome. It happens. It rained a lot. These people were waiting for their bus at the Termini some more prepared than others.

This picture uses the artefacts that occur when you enlarge a digital image as a creative tool. By a series of enlargement, sharpening and blurring and finally colour enhancement the picture it self actually began to look wet.

Limited Signed Print

This artwork is a part of a certified Limited Signed Prints series.


The image is printed on Hanemühle Matt FineArt Photo Rag® Bright White paper (100% cotton) with Epson Ultra Chrome pigment ink. The manufactures claim archival qualities for almost 100 years under suitable conditions.

Serie Size and format Number of copies Certificate
B Medium, 30 x 40 cm
Hahnemühle 100% cotton paper
5 Yes

Current series of limited signed editions for this image.



This image is included in the book Blend Modes


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