Questions you might ask


Limited Signed Prints

I am using an authentication system to secure the value of your investement. Here I expand on the subject on planned limited signed print series.

Do I sell unsigned copies of the pictures?
In some cases, an image is sold both as signed and unsigned. The latter is typically done over the net.
I also participate in national and international competitions. For these, unsigned editions are submitted.
Pictures will typically also be included in a books, displayed on the website and possibly. Rented out electronically.
All these editions are considered for reproductions in relation to signed editions.

Will the number of signed copies in a given format suddenly be increased?
No. never.

Will the number of signed copies in a given format suddenly be dropped?
It may occur for several reasons. A buyer can pay for the series to stop, which may happen with the original file, price adjustments or other

Will other signed series of images be opened after someone has started to buy in the series?
Rarely and it will never be in the same format.
The new series will never exceed the original in number. A new series will typically be a single copy ordered in a desired format by a buyer.

In this case what is considered for a different format?
There must be a change in media (canvas, paper, glass, metal, etc.) or a significant change in size.
A significant change in size will be more than 12 cm on the smallest edge.

What is the buyer's guarantee for all this?
Only trust. I have the copyright and can do what I want according to the law. But I take it very seriously demonstrated alone by the effort of managing this scheme.
I hope I and my heirs can be your trust worthy.