Erotic stones relaxing on the beach



About the Picture

Detaisl from the beach of Stevns Klint, Denmark. The place where you can see the geologic evidence of the impact of the large rock form space that helped finishing off the dinosaurs 65 million years ago making the way for mammals and thus humans.

All this just for you one day to imagine what ever you like to imagine when you see a picture like this or any other picture for that matter.

Limited Signed Print

This artwork is a part of a certified Limited Signed Prints series.


SerieSize and formatNumber of copiesCertificate
C 60 x 60cm
Stretched Canvas
1 yes
A3 30 x 30cm
  Hahnemühle Rag paper (matte)
5 yes

Current series of limited signed editions for this image


This image is included in the book Dream Canvas II


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